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Dr. Nathaniel Reisinger

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

NBLU 2016

Ali Imtiaz

University of Michigan Fellowship Program

NBLU 2021


Melby Philip

Nephrologist, Dallas Renal Group

NBLU 2021

Raad Chowdhury

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Fellowship

NBLU 2021


Olivia Orteza

Loma Linda University Program Fellowship

NBLU 2021

Dilraj Sekhon

University of Cincinnati Medical Center Fellowship

NBLU 2021

Daniel Leininger

University of California San Diego Program Fellowship

NBLU 2021

Alissar El Chediak

Vanderbilt University Program Fellowship

NBLU 2021

Hoang 'Ahn' Nguyen, MD  University of California Irvine , NBLU 2016

"A key takeaway was realizing that it’s a lot more than just knowing medicine."

Aleksandra “Sasha” Novikov, MD Scripps Health NBLU 2016

"It’s eye opening and extremely important for fellows in nephrology and for anyone entering the workforce in the medical field."

Karo Torosian, MD Balboa Nephrology Group, NBLU 2016

"My biggest takeaway was building the confidence and losing the fear of going out in the real world and practicing nephrology."

Yesenia Galan MD, Hadden Renal Medical Specialists, NBLU 2020

"This experience has shaped so much of what I hope to gain in the future... Namely a sense of purpose and a path to striving toward it everyday!  Prior to this I struggled with my role as a renal specialist, but now I know what I want to do and who I want to be."

Matthew Sparks, MD Associate Professor of Medicine Duke University School of Medicine

"NBLU is also a lot of fun and allows attendees to meet lifelong friends and colleagues from fellowship programs all over the country. This is a must attend event." 

Mary Dittrich, MD, FASN, EVP and CMO

“I love seeing the next generation of nephrology leaders take control of their future and I’m fortunate to have a front row seat watching like-minded professionals form lifelong friendships. NBLU promotes the bright future of nephrology and USRC proudly supports it. I circle this event on my calendar every year!” 

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